Drak-Modani Defense Force

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The Drak-Modani Defense Force is a combined arms force tasked, under the Laws of Drak-Modan with defending the totality of Drak-Modan's holdings on Micras. It is ultimately under the command of the King of Drak-Modan who has the supreme rank of Grand Commander of the Defense Force. Most operations and decisions are made by the Drak-Modani Secretary for Defense. The DMDF is modeled after the customs, traditions, and standards of the Natopian Defense Force. From 1674 it would form the core of the Southern Banner Group of Benacia Command.

Uniforms of the DMDF, designs based on ease of integration into and with NDF forces.

Drak-Modani Army

Drak-Modani Navy

Drak-Modani Air Force