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Dragon Hall

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Dragon Hall is a major entertainment complex in Svorgas, Senya. The building contains a shopping mall, food hall, a cinema, an art gallery, a swimming pool, an ice rink, a concert hall, a subway station and a conference hall that sometimes doubles as a sporting venue. The complex has twice hosted the Microvision Song Contest, in 2015 and 2019.

In addition to the entertainment complex, there are several nearby sporting facilities. The local area is also sometimes known as Dragon Hall, and the area gives name to the football club Dragon Hall United, whose stadium lies 250m west of the complex.

Shopping Mall


Swimming Pool

Dragon Hall Ice Arena

Dragon Hall Ice Arena is an ice rink that meets international ice hockey standard. The rink is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday mornings for general use. The rink is used for both figure skating and ice hockey, with figure skating classes taking place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and ice hockey training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. During weekdays the rink is often used to host school sports classes for ice based sports. On weekend afternoons, the rink is used for both figure skating tournaments and ice hockey, being the home rink of Dragon Hall JIHC, a youth ice hockey team. The arena has 800 seats.

Dragon Hall Art Gallery & Folk Museum

Dragon Hall Concert Hall

Conference Hall

Dragon Hall Subway Station