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Not to be confused with Draconic.

The Draconians are a people who trace their origin to the island of Nel Modan, in the Benacian archipelago. They have been a nomadic people for most of their oral history. They migrated to Yellow Island where the established the Dracoheim on that island, named after the Dracoheim of Nel Modan. They were eventually displaced by Nett Opaegh's conquest of Yellow Island and reduced to second-class citizens for early Natopian history. After the destruction of Tapferite Dracoheim and Opaegh's command for it to never again be rebuilt as a warning against those who opposed him, the Draconian people spread out to other parts of Tapfer, hoping to make better lives for themselves.

On 12 Sonnuber 1682, the semi-autonomous Kingdom of Draconia was formally separated from the Drak-Modani demesne of So-Sara, providing the Draconians with their ancestral homeland.

Population Centers

The Draconian diaspora has significant communities in the cities of Smjorkyr, Demonsfall, Shirekeep, Lindstrom, and Hoffenheim.

New Dracoheim

Ludwig Drakire, left the slums built around the ruins of Tapferite Dracoheim and moved to New Dracoheim, a reservation of former Storish land set aside by the Natopian government as reparations for mistreating the Draconians. He became a farmer and helped establish the town of Hoffenheim. Eventually he became a political leader and activist. He started a civil war between the Mainlanders (Klaasiyans, Sororiyans) and the Islanders (Ziegeland, Tas Neemia). Eventually he was betrayed by his assistant, a Bovic assassin, and relocated against his will to Elwynn, where he took the name Luix Rakira. His prominence brought many Draconians to move to Iserdia.


Luix rose in the ranks of Elwynnese politics, became prince, and even became elected Kaiser of Shireroth as Kaiser Sehml, and founded the Imperial Bloodline of Drak, which genealogists traced back to the Line of Grifos and many meetings between Kaiser Loki I and employees of the Dracoheim-Nel Modan brothels. Upon Luix's election to the Mango Throne, the Draconian diaspora flocked to Shirekeep, and Demonsfall being invited there by Ryker of Goldshire.



One of Luix's concubines, Kizzy Drakland, became quite famous in her own right. She became Kaiseress, Queen of Modan & Malarboria, wielded the Sword of Fire for some time, was killed, and reanimated as a possessed demon puppet. She had a child that she gave up for adoption after birth: Kyle Kilynn.


Rags to riches story, grew up poor orphan in Ynnraile. Sought his fortunes in the Neridia Company, eventually became a Count in Neridia, the Steward of Shireroth, and eventually married Asara Sisu Waffel-Paine merging the Imperial House of Waffel-Paine and the Imperial Bloodline of Drak.

John Hilding

One of Nathan II's quadruplets. John Hilding Waffel-Paine was destined to be King of Drak-Modan and secure the cultural and political hegemony of Natopia over Drak-Modan until populist movements in Drak-Modan forced his father, and then him to abdicate. He spent the first 8 years of his life in Drakorda and feels more kinship to the Draconians of Benacia then to the Natopians.