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A painting in the Catodral of Leylstadt symbolises the grant of dukedom and became enshrined in local religious customs

The Donation of Pius was the grant of the title of Duke to Nicholas des Vinandy-Windsor by Magister Pius II of the Holy Catologian Church in 1675 AN. It marked the formal establishment of the Duchy as a country, while establishing the Holy Catologian Church as a major institution and important religion in the region.


In the name of the Holy and indivisible Catologian Church., Magister in Charge Pius the Second of His Name, to all the most reverend and of Cato beloved clergy and followers, subject by this our decree throughout the whole world:

We ordain and decree that Nicholas the First of His Name of the House of Vinandy-Windsor shall hold the supremacy over the lands of Leylstadt and act as the supreme guardian of the catologian churches of Our Cato within his territories.

And we decree, as to those most reverend men, the clergy who serve, in different orders, that same holy Catologian Church, that they shall establish a church and parishes within the newly-established country to lead those in need of guidance to the right path. We sincerely hope and pray that everything will be provided for the service of Cato or the stability of the faith of the catologians is to be administered.

In imitation of the divine power of Cato, we hereby bestow the title of Duke upon Nicholas and His descendants and pray that he may be adorned with power and glory that is need to reign his country with the dignity of an earthly rule.