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People's Republic of Domolica
Flag of Domolica
[[|85px|Coat of Arms of Domolica|frameless]]
Coat of Arms
Motto: Don't tread on anyone
[[|250px|Location of Domolica|frameless]]
Map versions
Capital Todzou
Largest city Todzou
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Catholicism
Demonym Domolican
 - Adjective Domolican
Government Representative triocracy
 - Prime Ministers
 - Legislature
Establishment 27 July 2013
Population 30
Currency United States dollar
Abbreviation DML
Driving side
Time zone(s)
National website [1]
National forum
National animal Pit bull
National food
National drink
National tree

The People's Republic of Domolica is an American secessionist micronation. It was founded on 27 July 2013 in Weldon Spring, Missouri, and extended to the planet Micras on 11 December 2017.