Diocese of Huyenkula

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The Diocese of Huyenkula is a diocese of the Church of Elwynn, established in 1500 AN, and centred at the Cathedral of Huyenkula in Vesüha. It is a large one in terms of area, covering the entirety of the Hurmu territory (including Lontinien), as well all of Lyrica and Eura.

Its sagart, or bishop, is Milo Enujohanenion.


  • Alexandrian: Diocèse de Houyenkoula
  • Army Crandish: Högankulla stift
  • Elw: enu saqarion Eanqulion
  • Hurmu Norse: Sagartdemið Huyenkula
  • Hurmumol: Be-Kal u-be-Sakar u-Huyenkula
  • Lakkvian: Vesüha diötsees
  • Lontinian: Huyenkulyn eparkhii
  • Martino: Diócesis de Húyencula

Euran developments

In late 1692, the faithful of the Church of Elwynn in Eura, via the Imperial Constancian Embassy in Vesüha, hand-delivered a petition signed by hundreds (and perhaps most importantly, with a handwritten endorsement of the Autokrator of Constancia on an official document) to establish a church in Eura, specifically recommending the city of Beauharnais in the region of Alduria in the Federation of Alduria-Wechua be considered a suitable location, and that funds were already being raised for its establishment. Furthermore, within the Imperial State of Constancia, the faithful had organized into an association duly chartered under the law, with chapters everywhere in Constancia, as well as an official document from the office of the Autokrator of Constancia guaranteeing their liberties and free worship, provided such acts were not in contravention to Imperial Constancian law or good order and customs.

Following the letter of the faithful, Sagart Milo Enujohanenion travelled down to Aqaba to meet with the Autokrator and monitor the legal situation of the Diocese in Constancia and Nouvelle-Alexandrie. He also met with members of the faithful. The Sagart proposed to build one church in Constancian territory too and sought the Autokrator's recommendation for it.