Dimokratia Avyi

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Dimokratia Avyi
(Democratic Dawn)
Party Leader Vacant
Deputy Leader Vacant
Colour Yellow
Headquarters Vey
Political position Right wing
Seats in the Synklētos
0 / 60
Local Government None

History and Policies

The Dimokratia Avyi was a right-wing political party of Constancia which was in power between Sonnuber 1640 and Friedeber 1648. When the Conservative and Monarchist Party collapsed following the National Unity Government during the Euran War, most of its members switched allegiance to the Dimokratia Avyi. For the duration of its time in power, its leader and Constancian Mesazōn was Strategos Andreas Metaxas. The DA advocated industrialisation and export led economic growth in order to accumulate the cash surpluses necessary to buy armaments in order to deter any future invasion of Constancia. The party also supports military conscription, the resettlement of refugees, asylum seekers and illegal economic migrants in the overseas colonies, selective education and an industrial and agricultural policy based around the creation of a ship building industry and ocean-going fishing fleets. The DA also supports policies aimed to boost the birth rate amongst Constancians.

During the First Metaxas Council, the DA was in a coalition with the Kómma ton Syntiritikón Monarchikoí, itself a split from the former Conservative and Monarchist Party, who advocated for traditional social conservatism and economic liberalism. Although the Metaxas administrations oversaw enormous cultural and economic growth, the consequences of the war were so difficult that they could not be solved within the term of a Synklētos. In 1643 Metaxas' party suffered what many considered an electoral defeat, with the party being reduced from 25 to just 8 in the 60-seat Synklētos. Despite rumours that the Mesazōn was to resign, he was propped up by KSM as well as the Kómma ton Apoikión, Kómma ton Apoikión and the Liberal Trade Alliance. It was during this time that the Mesazōn, with the support of Basileusa Cleo and the Synklētos began the long process of Constancia's accession into the Micras Treaty Organisation.

However, major damage to the Metaxas administration was dealt with the The Disclosure and Access to Information Act 1646, to which he and the party were opposed, as well as the The Constitutional Settlement (Amendment I) Act of 1648. The latter provoking the conflict in Nivardom and effectively bringing the end to his administration and his life. Going out of time with an election approaching, Andreas Metaxas attempted to delay it as further in the future as possible, but in the end the election was announced by the Basileus on the 4th of Friedeber 1648. To avoid electoral defeat, the Mesazōn attempted the so-called "electoral coordination", which saw a newly formed organisation, the Kómma ton Enopoíisi, win the election in a landslide with 44 seats.

Electoral Performance

Year Synklētos Seats ± Vote Share
1640 5th
25 / 60
+25 41.16%
1643 6th
8 / 60
-17 13.32%
1648 7th
0 / 60
-8 0.00%