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Nation: Nova England
Population: 35,829
Predominant language: Britannic English,
Eastmoorland English

Main roads: Fryd Lane
Major districts:

Current mayor: N/A
Detsab flag.png
Map versions:

Detsab is a city that resides within the Provincia of Eastmoorland, which grew from a farmstead owned by Leo Detsab to the second most populous city in Eastmoorland and a major hub for the Nova English Hemp industry.

Recent History

Detsab was the second largest city in the Eastmoorland Provincia prior to the Evacuations. However a chemical weapons attack during 2009 by the Surtish Liberation Army lead to a rapid breakdown within the city which ultimately lead to the Evacuations.

Prior to this the city had been the Hemp capital of Nova England and had been a tourist spot for foreigners looking to sample Eastmoorland’s finest Hash cafes. Following the Evacuations, the city’s population fell from 150,000 to 35,000 and became a dangerous location for a number of years. However a militia under the leadership of Major Farman Rock eventually grew to prominence and established a semblance of law and order within the city and its outlying settlements.

Following the reclamation of Eastmoorland the city has been re-amalgamated into the Kingdom of Nova England and still remains one of the second most populated cities within the region. With the assistance of the National Defence Initiative and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Work has begun to improve the infrastructure of the city and to re-establish the multitude of Hemp farms and related industries which now form a key component of the Nova English economy.

Points of Interest

Local Economy

Due to the city only being recently reclaimed there are no major companies currently based in the city. However plans set down by the Ministry of Internal Affairs aim to regenerate the city's Hemp industry by utilising long abandoned processing centres and farms.

Major Firms within the city include;