Democratic Party of Elwynn

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The Democratic Party of Elwynn is an Elwynnese Aldricist conservative party stemming from the Elwynnese branches of Shireroth's Imperial Democrat Party. It initially opposed Elwynnese independence, instead favouring Elwynnese statehood within a reformed Shireroth. After Elwynn's statehood was confirmed, it pledged loyalty to the new state, and received support from all levels of society displeased with the republican egalitarian direction Elwynn took.

Allied with the Imperial Democrat Party in Ransenar and Shireroth. In the Elwynnese Congress, it cooperates with the Nationalist and Humanist Party.

Nicknamed "Imperial Remoaners" due their wish of remaining in Shireroth and "moaning" about it.


  • Elwynnese statehood
  • Elwynnese unitary government (end to the north–south division)
  • Elwynnese membership of the Raspur Pact
  • Low taxes
  • Small state
  • Close relations with Shireroth, Ransenar, Suthergold, and other Raspur States.
  • Kaisership (wants the Kaiseress to be ceremonial head of the Elwynnese state)
  • Financial restitution to former owners of loyal subjects and community servants
  • Nobility, privileges of nobility, etc.


  • Relations with Stormark
  • Acknowledgement of the so-called Froyalanish genocide
  • End of loyal subjecthood, end of community servitude
  • End of noble privileges