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Defense industry of Alduria

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Alduria's military industry is small but slowly emerging, rapidly becoming a strategically important sector in the Aldurian economy. Alduria is on track of significant development of its military industry, given key government investments made in research and development and other key sectors of the military industry. The defense industry is partly government-owned and partly privatized. It is dominated by four large private contractors: ESB Susa, Javelin Industries, the Pontecorvo Firm, Kerularios & Company. It contains a second tier of smaller, more specialized companies as well.

Defense exports are worth on average 800 million per annum to the Aldurian economy, expected to grow with the development of the Silver Hammer system. The share of defense expenditure as a percentage of government spending has increased in recent years due to the West Baatharzi War and Alduria's involvement in regional developments like Operation Hugo Grotius.

Alduria remains a buyer of weapons mostly from Sanama, and the Allied Production Matrix of the Raspur Pact's leading industrial powers.







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