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Zijin Province
Zhijin flag.png
Location zhijin.png
Capital Daocheng
Largest cities

Dazijin, sometimes also written as Dazhijin is a province in Jingdao. Its central location made it a suitable place to construct the Empire's capital, Daocheng. The province is roughly divided between the districts Zijin and Zhijinlin.

Notes of importance

While the Zijin District has been nicknamed Imperial District and acts as the main hub of political and cultural life, the Zhijinlin district is comprised of vast nature parks. Monumental graves honour the ancestors of important Great Jing, Jierdai and even Youya nobles and scholars. Most impressive are the more recently erected tombs of the Great Jing Emperors (the most recently constructed, as emperors prior to the Zettai Emperor were buried in the Far Eastern Territory).


A detailed map of the province and its districts.