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Nation: Kingdom of Batavia
Population: 532.950
Predominant language: Batavian

Main roads:
Major districts: Paleyswijk, Johanskwartier, Floreinkwartier, Meulestede, Zavel en Egmontwijk

Current mayor: Joseph Bartholomeus des Vinandy-Windsor
Map versions: 12.4 -
Coat of arms of Davignon

Davignon is one of the largest cities in Batavia and capital of the duchy of the same name. In addition, the city is named after the Davignonrepublic, when the transitional government resided in the city.


In 1664 AN the Iron Company opened headquarters in the city.

City districts

The city is divided into several city districts:

  • Inner city
    • Paleyswijk, houses the most important administrative buildings.
    • Johanskwartier, residential area.
    • Floreinkwartier, economic district of the city.
  • City outskirts
    • Meulestede, residential area with a lot of workers' houses.
    • Zavel, thanks its name to the coarse sand that was mined there. Is known as an industrial park.
    • Egmontwijk, mainly consisting of new construction.