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DIS Senya

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Gröpa Disabilatenen bɏer Sanya Suportenen Fötbal
Abbreviation DIS Senya
Founded 2012
Type Supporters' group
Team Senya national football team
Headquarters Svorgas, Senya
Colors Green and White

Gröpa Disabilatenen bɏer Sanya Suportenen Fötbal (English: Disabled Group of Senyan Football Supporters, often abbreviated to DIS Senya) are the a group of organized supporters of the Senya national football team, who cater for disabled and handicapped football supporters. Despite being a smaller group, with around just 800 members, they are the only group which receives direct funding from FADESS.


DIS Senya supporters are generally not renowned for singing. Unlike most other supporters, they sit for duration of games. Wheelchair users have a platform that can accomodate for around 200 fans, with 1,100 seats. There is also a small standing area for 200 fans, which is directly behind the wheelchair platform and utilised by friends and family of wheelchair users.