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Talaith of Calbion
Flag of Cybwlach
Coat of arms of Cybwlach
Coat of arms

Cybwlach outline.png
Location of Cybwlach

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Subdivision Talaith
Capital Aran
Largest cities Finydd, Newydd Pentyre
Llywodraethwr Sior Manus
Legislature Cynnulliad y Cybwlach
Area 109,342 km2
 - Ranked 4th
Population 801,729
 - Ranked 5th
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Established 1686
Official languages Calbic
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Seats in the Cynulliad Cenedlaethol {{{seats}}}
Time Zone CMT-8

Calbion coat of arms.png

Cybwlach is a Talaith of Calbion which is located on the Northern coast of the continent of Cibola. As such, it is the only Calbain Talaith that is not part of the Aeronesian Archipelago. It borders the Natopian Cibolan territory to the South East. The area was a frequent harbour for Calbain pirates for a century, but was only officially claimed by Calbion following the 1686 Western expansion. Cybwlach continues to be home to many mercantile entrepreneurs. The word Cybwlach is derived from the Calbic word for the Cibolan continent.