Cruise of the Medusa

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Cruise of the Medusa
Part of War of Lost Brothers
The Keltian Theatre
The Great Western Sea, 1655 AN
Date 01 Gevraquun 1655 –
Location Brettish Isles, Great Western Sea, Keltia
Result ...
Hunting Party 01
IRS Medusa
Casualties and losses
MS Eternal Dawn

For Operation Medusa, please see the War of Lost Brothers

On 01 Gevraquun 1655 the gravrig cruiser the IRS Medusa slipped its mooring cables and departed from the airship docking terminal of MoMA Station Sagittarius' Imperial Naval Station. Escorted by a Hybrid Airship it proceeded into the Great Western Sea and pursued a course towards the Brettish Isles. On the 06 Gevraquun it closed in upon its first target, an unidentified cargo freighter on a course for the ruined settlement of Montfort.