Creatures of Corum

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Creatures of Corum is a troupe of musicians based in the city of Jogi, who produce trance-inducing, naturalistic music in honor of Bacchus, a god worshiped extensively across the Strait of Haifa.


Dancers EP

Released in early 908 WG, Dancers EP was the first album by Creatures of Corum to be widely circulated, including in regions well beyond central Keltia.

Dionysica Electronica

Starting in 39.10 PSSC, Creatures of Corum began work on an experimental electronic album entitled Dionysica Electronia. This album marked a significant deviation from the band's traditional style, and was met with mixed reviews from critics who largely failed to understand the album's objective. The album's first single, entitled Tar Worm, was released in 39.13.


The Ballad of Old Lake Morovia

The Ballad of Old Lake Morovia (Live)

Invocation of Dionysus.