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The Court of the Prince is the executive federal branch of the Elwynnese Republic. Headed by the Prince, it consists of a cabinet. Each member, or commissioner, of the cabinet heads a commission (sometimes translated from Elw as secretariat). Each commission has a number of assistant commissioners known as inspectors, heading inspectorates.

As of 1679, are three commissions of the Court of the Prince: the Commission for Coordination, the Commission of Defence, and the Commission of Foreign Affairs.

The current Court of the Prince was initially organised according to Writ 1676-001 but was subsequently revised in the wake of the Coldwater Scandal of 1680.

Office Office Holder Affiliation Portfolio
Commission for Coordination
Commissioner for Coordination Levon Hovanesian DEM Autonomous Republics, Congress, Judiciary
Inspector of the Autonomous Republics Jael Jemima Truls N&H Relations with autonomous entities
Inspector of Congress Golbahar Nazarian N&H Relations with the Congress and its subordinate entities
Inspector of the Judiciary Payam Abbasi N&H Court of Star Chamber, Judicial Appointments, Oversight
Commission of Defence
Commissioner of Defence Mihrzād Gushnasp N&H Defence, Security, Information
Inspector of Defences Jonathan Maersk N&H Union Defence Force
Inspector of Cudgelling Hamilcar von Sehestedt N&H Corps of the Gentlemen-at-Cudgels
Inspector of the Panopticon Nizam al-Mulk N&H Panopticon Department
Commission of Foreign Affairs
Commissioner of Foreign Affairs Sadbh Whelan DEM Diplomacy and International Relations
Inspector of Benacian Relations Lucine Sarkissian N&H Batavia, Kalgachia, Kasterburg, Tellia
Inspector of Outland States Soroush Darzi DEM Bilateral relations with neutral powers and international organisations
Inspector of Raspur Pact Relations Taline Darbinyan N&H Permanent Commission, Joint Military Council, Bilateral Relations
Inspector of International Trade and Commerce Gustav Almaric DEM Trade Policy, Trade Agreements
Inspector of USSO States Ramina Valaya N&H Multilateral Relations, Bilateral Relations, Conflict Resolution, Estimates
Inspector of the Quarantine Rostam Charmchi DEM Stripping Path, Stormark, Francia, Containment, Estimates
Special Commissions
Corrector of Public Life Nizam al-Mulk N&H Public Accountability Tribunal
Patroness & Magistra of the Academy Kamilla Winther N&H People's Academy of Elwynn