Countryside Wanderers

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Countryside Wanderers
Napian Serie B
Countryside Wanderers kit.png

Countryside Wanderers are a Napian football club based in the township of Countryside, which competes in Napian Serie B. The manager is Gianna Paolo and the club's stadium is the The Den.


Countryside Wanderers were created in 2011 and became a founding member of Napian Serie A for its first season. The club was relegated to Serie B with three games to spare in their first season.


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 North Antarctica GK Martin Cahill (c)
2 North Antarctica DF Reno Smith
3 North Antarctica DF Roger Stein
4 North Antarctica DF Ido Wilson
5 North Antarctica DF Jim Hobberty
6 North Antarctica MF Omar Philch
7 Gotzborg MF Mike Müller
8 North Antarctica FW Chris Underwood
9 North Antarctica MF Ryan Kensington
10 North Antarctica FW William Mathers
11 Mercury FW Stephen Briggs
12 Alduria FW Mike McCoy
13 North Antarctica DF William Mathews
No. Position Player
14 North Antarctica GK William Alexander
15 North Antarctica MF Marcus Hammond
16 Alduria FW Drew Farnsley
17 Lakkvia FW Vladimir Guðjóneriksen
18 Alduria FW Richard McDonald
19 North Antarctica FW Harry O'Neil
20 Réunion GK Christophe Barrahon
21 Mercury DF Shaz Khalid
22 North Antarctica MF Robert Saw
23 North Antarctica MF Richard Hemmorphage
24 North Antarctica FW Jeremy Luyindula
25 North Antarctica DF Emeric Heitzelmann
-- Elwynn FW Ulf Patric