Council of Eliria

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The Council of Eliria is the federal legislature of the Elwynnese Republic. Under the Elwynnese constitution, it has five members, of which one is the Prince, and thereafter 2 persons are appointed by each federal entity (the Alalehzamini Autonomous Republic and the Congressional Elwynn).

A decision by the Council of Eliria is made by:

  • acclamation (i.e. by unanimity),
  • the vote of the Prince and the vote of two representatives (of which both autonomous republics are represented),
  • the unanimous vote of the representatives of the autonomous republic (when the Prince is absent, unable or unwilling to cast a vote in favour), or,
  • in matters of procedure, three votes.

Current members are:

Title Name Party
Prince of the Elwynnese Republic Ander Avon-El AIP
Conducator of the Elwynnese Republic Stephen Lewis VU
President of the Congress of the Elwynnese Republic Isa Kaliandarion Qor EWP
Sardar of the Alalehzamini Automous Republic
Steward of the Elwynnese Republic
Firdaus Abdollahi Mehr N&H
Nahust Vazir (Prime Minister) of the AAR Salvik Dorkolluerion N&H