Council of Driftwood

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The Council of Driftwood is the highest legislative institute in Alrig. It was created by dictate D-818-1 "Establishing the Alrrigian Republic" in 1663. Before this date, all legislative power was held by the president. The Council of Driftwood consists of all citizens who own over three acres of land in Alrig. The council issues dictates which trump decrees by the president. It is customary for new members to the Council of Driftwood to be admitted or old members who no longer qualify to be removed, every five years.


All citizens who meet the requirements are allowed take seat in the Council of Driftwood. Most of these members only attend on special sessions of the council. According to Alriggian law, it is permissible to transfer ones vote to another member, which has lead to the creation of several factions, or guilds as they are called in Alriggian society. New members are expected to join a guild regardless of whether they want to participate in every session.

Composition of the Council in Driftwood
Guild Seats 1665 - 1669 Seats 1670 - 1674 Seats 1675 - 1679
Agriculture & fishing 422 428 430
Industry, trade & transport 180 181 193
Nobility & freemen 43 44 44
Total 645 653 667