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The Council is the name given to the current group of administrators of the Micronational Cartography Society, whose primary role is voting on claims on the planet Micras made by micronations.


The Council was established in 2006 upon the succession of V. C. Vehendi to the position of Administrator-General of the MCS. Prior to Vehendi's leadership, the Society's business was conducted by one or two individuals, with decisions made via despotism rather than committee. While earlier makeups of the Council saw individuals hold specified positions—such as Cartographer and a representative for the Apollo Foundation—it nowadays gives no named titles to individual Councillors other than the Administrator-General and Junior.


The Council consists of six individuals; five full Councillors and a Junior. The Administrator-General is considered a Councillor with no additional voting rights compared to the other four, while the Junior's role consists of voting on claims where at least one full Councillor is ineligible to vote due to citizenship.

Current Council

  • Administrator-General
Craitman H. Pellegrino (2009–)

  • Councillors
Joe Foxon (2013–)

Barnaby Hands (2014–)

Jack Lewis (2016–)

Krasniy Yastreb (2018–)

  • Junior Member
Jezza Rasmus (2019–)

List of MCS Councillors

This list contains all known administrators of the MCS throughout its history, including those prior to the creation of the Council in its existing format; listing years active within the Society and any named positions, where applicable. Individuals whose names are in bold currently hold Councillor positions, while those in italics were MCS administrators prior to the foundation of the Council. This list is organised in alphabetical order of Councillors' surnames by default.

Councillor Years Positions held
Paweł Abramowicz 2008–15 Junior (2008)
Rook Ailin 2012–14
Zayd Al-Ani 2006 GSO Liaison
Scott Alexander 2000–03 Administrator-General (jointly with Erik Mortis)
Shyriath Bukolos 2011–12, 2014–15 Junior (2014)
Edgard Carrillo 2018–19 Junior
Ryan Caruso 2003–06 Administrator-General
Josh Coales 2006–11 Technical Advisor
Bill Dusch 2003–06 Cartographer
Max Edwards 2006–07 Cartographer
Joe Foxon 2013– Junior (2013–14)
Barnaby Hands 2014–
Jeremy Hart 2011
Pete James 2006–09 Public Affairs (2006–07), Administrator-General (2007–09)
Ardashir Khan 2003–06 Cartographer
Jack Lewis 2015– Junior (2015–16)
Ric Lyon 2012–13 Junior (2012–13)
Christian Mackintosh 2007–08 Cartographer
Andreas Mayer 2008–09 Junior
Erik Mortis 2000–03 Administrator-General (jointly with Scott Alexander)
Christopher Octavius 2009–14 Junior (2009)
Craitman H. Pellegrino 2007– Special Maps (2007–08), Cartographer (2008–09), Administrator-General (2009–)
Jezza Rasmus 2015–16, 2019– Junior (2019–)
James Richter 2006–07 Secretary
Gerald Ruze 2014–17 Junior (2014–15)
Nathan Shepard 2006–07 Junior Cartographer
Lady Sigrdrífa 2016–18 Junior (2016–17)
Nick Turner 2011–13 Junior (2011)
V. C. Vehendi 2006–07 Administrator-General
Vilhelm von Benkern 2006–11, 2013–14 Apollo Foundation (2006–11), Junior (2013)
Krasniy Yastreb 2017– Junior (2017–18)