Corum Appropriations Company

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The Corum Appropriations Company is a Natopian licensed subsidiary of SATCo established in 1667 AN which began operations from the semi-autonomous Princely Isle after negotiations with the Ayashtardana, a loose confederacy of tribal Gamesman which controls the ruins of Aiji, Al-Qatari, Assek, and Alinda, secured permission (grunted assent and inked thumbprints on parchment given in exchange for whisky and rifles) for the company to establish a fortified encampment at Aiji from which to send parties into the interior of Corum to hunt and trap the various exotic fauna whose strange anatomy forms a growing body of ingredients for popular alternative holistic medicines.

A certain proportion of the profits derived from the venture will be transferred to the Constancian government to compensate it for the loss of revenues occasioned by certain depredations carried on by the Bassarids in the Constancian Exclusive Economic Zone in the Gulf of Aqabah.