Corians in Krasnarus

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Corians in Krasnarus
Kingdom of Coria flag.png
Flag of the Corian people
Total population
818,629 (2017 census)-1,200,000
Regions with significant populations
Primarily Kuregred Metropolitan Area, with some in Nuví Pelezu and Hevet.
Corian, Šlovedk
Predominately Corian Orthodox Church and minority irreligion
Related ethnic groups

Corians in Krasnarus numbered 818,629 in the 2017 census, but scholarly estimates put the minority's numbers as high as 1.3 million, including assimilated Corians into Šlovedk culture. They have a history dating back to 2017, when they migrated after the Corian claim to Micras, due to political and claim instability - hoping for a better life elsewhere. Most of them landed around the bay on the coasts of Phedodah and Sylvania, with later migrations from the latter regions to Albion. The territory was in anarchy until Krasnarus formally made its claim to Micras in 2017, which included the latter region.

As of 2017, 53.2% of them were male and 46.8% female. 27.7%, or 297,326 individuals, were living in poverty, and their average income was Cr7,934. 94.7% had employment, and 21.3% of individuals over age 26 had college degrees.

Domestic populations


  1. Phedodah (446,127)
  2. Sylvania (324,779)
  3. Albion (39,420)