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Constancian Armed Forces

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Constancian Armed Forces
Constancian War Banner.png
Constancian war banner circa 1665 AN
Country Constancia
Founded 1634 AN
Branches Army, Navy, Air Force, Home Guard
Autokrator Primo de Aguilar
Military age 18
Foreign suppliers ESB Group, Shirley Stock Fund (formerly)
Officers and men of the Basileusian Private Guard.

With the passage of the Armed Forces Act through the Synklētos and receiving Royal Assent from the Basileusa on 18.XII.1634, the Constancian Armed Forces were created, consisting of the Constancian Army and Home Guard, the Constancian Air Forces, the Constancian Navy and the Basileusian Private Guard.

In spite of remaining ostensibly neutral during the War of Lost Brothers the Constancian Armed Forces benefited from the release of surplus Sxiro-Natopian weaponry in its aftermath.

The Home Guard

The Home Guard, known as the Thematic Army, provides aid to the Civil Power, assisting with peacetime law enforcement as a military force assigned police duties among civilian populations, and serves as a territorial defence force augmenting the manpower of the Constancian Army in times of war. In comparison to civilian police forces, the Home Guard may provide a more disciplined force whose military capabilities permit it to counter the threats posed by armed groups operating out of the vast ungoverned spaces of the Euran continent. It is important to note that, as an voluntary unpaid part-time force, the Home Guard derives its legitimacy and manpower from the desire of the citizenry themselves to make some active and voluntary contribution to the defence and to the preservation of the rule of law.

As of the 10th of May 2016, the total manpower of the Home Guard stood at 1,300,000 men. This manpower count is divided territorially according to the themata (singular, theme), a combined military-civilian province where the Home Guard Banda (singular form bandon, militia units 200–400 strong) originate. These banda, raised in the communities they defend, are affiliated in turn with the Army Association of their home Theme which integrates them into the chain of command structure of the regular Constancian Army. The Home Guard has a separate Strategos who reports to the controlling Exkoubitoi (Sentinels) of the Constancian Army.


Order of Battle

  • Basileusoi Army, in the Prosgeiosi Basileus (Crown Lands) (200,000)
  • Euranikon Banner Group
    • Army of Eura at Ad Pontes in Coele-Eura (200,000)
    • River Army at Portus Felix (200,000)
    • Army of Vey (700,000)
      • 1st Home Guard Corps (Strategos Alexios Paxos)
        • 124 infantry banda (49,600 men)
      • 2nd Home Guard Corps (Strategos George Maniakes)
        • 125 infantry banda (50,000 men)

Table of Organisation

Constancian Army

The Constancian Army, generally known as the Tagmata, is the main land based war-fighting force of the Constancian Armed Forces. The Army Board of Control comprises of the Exkoubitoi under the command of the Exkoubitorōn (or Domestikos) appointed by the Mesazōn of the ruling government.

The Army is organised using the concept of specialisms, whereby the Tagma (battalions), are gathered together in corps according to their function and material. Within this framework, there are five capacities: command, combat, support, services and training. The Tagma also serve as regiments in their own right - the maxim being 'every specialist is a rifleman'.

The command specialism corps comprises of three tagma: The highest is the Exkoubitoi tagma, equivalent in function to a General Staff combined with a praetorian regiment, the other two comprise of the Optimatoi (from Latin optimates, "the best") tagma which provides a brigade level command and control ability at Petros and the Hikanatoi (Gr. "the Able Ones") at Vey which provides a reserve command and control team.

The combat specialism corps comprises the main fighting units of the Army. It consists of two Scout tagma , the Manoeuvre Support Group and five infantry tagma. The support capacity comprises one reconnaissance tagma, a civilian-military cooperation and operational communication tagma, one artillery tagma and two engineer tagma.

The Scholai (the Schools) training corps comprises four Tagma: the Infantry Training Tagma at Ad Pontes, the Armoured Cavalry Tagma at Elaion, the Artillery Training Tagma at Portus Felix and the Engineers Training Tagma at Petros.

The service specialism corps comprises three communication and information systems (CIS) tagma, three logistics tagma,

Each Tagma of the army is commanded by a Legate. The Tagma each typically comprise of two to three Banda. A Bandon will normally be commanded by a "Komes" or Count.

As of the 10th of May 2016, at the start of the Euran War, the strength of the Constancian Army was 12,000 military personnel and 2,000 civilian personnel.

Whilst the professional army was broken as a fighting force during the early days of the Euran War, and its remnants relegated to a reserve force on a relatively unimportant sector of the front, it has been rebuilt subsequently using veterans transferred across from the Home Guard who volunteered to go into full-time service.

Order of Battle

  • Tagmata
    • Command Corps
      • Exkoubitoi Tagma
      • Optimatoi Tagma
      • Hikanatoi Tagma
    • Combat Corps
      • 1st Scout Tagma
      • 2nd Scout Tagma
      • Manoeuvre Support Group
      • 1st Infantry Tagma
      • 2nd Infantry Tagma
      • 3rd Infantry Tagma
      • 4th Infantry Tagma
      • 5th Infantry Tagma
    • Scholai Corps
      • Infantry Training Tagma
      • Armoured Cavalry Tagma
      • Artillery Training Tagma
      • Engineers Training Tagma
    • Service Corps
      • 1st CIS Tagma
      • 2nd CIS Tagma
      • 3rd CIS Tagma
      • 1st Logistics Tagma
      • 2nd Logistics Tagma
      • 3rd Logistics Tagma


Weapon/Munition Type Quantity Manufacturer/Supplier Anunia points/Notes
P62 Rifle 15,000 Shirley Stock Fund
P62 Rifle W/ Grenade Launcher 11,250 Shirley Stock Fund
P62 Commando 9,783 Shirley Stock Fund
P62 Covert 9,000 Shirley Stock Fund
Shirley 9mm Pistol 22,500 Shirley Stock Fund
P29 Sniper Rifle 5,625 Shirley Stock Fund
Vickers Machine Gun 400 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
M252 81mm mortar 800 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS 800 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile 800 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
FN MINIMI 460 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
Bren 7.62x51mm Light Machine Gun 460 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
Type 87 (automatic) grenade launcher 46 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
9K115-2 Metis-M 1,830 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
Glock 9x19mm Pistol 3,600 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
Bolo Knife 3,600 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
RPG-29 1,900 ESB-Jörmungandr Group 3,100 Lost in Iteran attack on Convoy 1665-8
AKM 7.62mm assault rifle 5,960 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
M67 fragmentation grenades 26,200 ESB-Jörmungandr Group
80mm field gun 24 Heimat Industries 10pts ea. Abandoned by Jingdao after Euran War.
Paixhans Mark 4 Land Cruiser 6 (14) ESB Euran Directorate 35pts ea. 14 Built, 6 serviceable
Jingóchima 8,614 Heimat Industries and others Based on abandoned vehicles found at the end of the Euran War. Rugged, reliable and so basic that the village blacksmith can fabricate replacement parts.

Table of Organisation

Constancian Air Forces

The Constancian Air Forces operate under Exkoubitoi of the Constancian Army as a separate air component with aerodromes at Vey, Portus Felix, Ad Pontes, Aqabah, Nivardom, Idolgi, Ithonion, Cario, Gravenbosch, and Hatrecht. Through a fleet of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, it provides military support to the Army and Naval Service, together with non-military air services such as Police air support, air ambulance, fisheries protection on Lake Erik and along the Sandy River and the Royal Flight.

The air component of the Constancian Armed Forces was substantially degraded during the Euran War but was subsequently vastly expanded by the direct supply of airframes from Shireroth under the provisions of the Raspur Pact.


Aircraft Type Variant In Service Retired/Lost Notes / Anunia Points
AgustaWestland AW101 anti-submarine warfare Model 111/Merlin HM1 72 . Donated by the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, 1651 AN
AgustaWestland AW139 utility 0 6 entire inventory destroyed in Euran War
Blackburn Buccaneer maritime strike S.2D 24 . Donated by the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, 1651 AN
Britten-Norman Defender police air support Defender 4000 1 . flown for the Police Air Support Unit (PASU)
CASA CN-235 maritime patrol CN-235 MPA 1 1
Cessna 172 surveillance / utility 1 4 Based on the Cessna 172
Eurocopter EC135 utility EC135 P2+/T2 2 2 Also used for police support
Learjet 45 VIP / air ambulance 1 .
Mikoyan MiG-29K all-weather, carrier-based multirole fighter MiG-29KVP (STOL) 30 . Donated by the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, 1651 AN
Pilatus PC-9 advanced trainer / close air support PC-9M 3 4 The PC-9M has six underwing hard points, and has the capability to be armed with FN HMP250 gun pods, each carrying one M3P machine gun, and FN LAU-7 rocket pods, each carrying seven Folding-Fin Aerial Rockets, for the close air support role.
Vey T-3 Akóntio jet trainer / light attack 1 . Developed by the Iptámeno Panepistímio Moíra (University Air Squadron)

Aircrews have an annual live firing exercise, flying out of Vey Aerodrome to the lakeside range at Abakhtari Camp near Northwhich.

Table of Organisation

The Air Force is broken down into Regiments and Moíra (Squadrons).

1st Regiment
Squadron Strength Personnel Aerodrome Function / Notes
Alpha Moíra Αίεν Υψικρατείν (Dominate the Heights) PC-9M x4, T-3 Akóntio x1, Mikoyan MiG-29K x5 120 Vey Close Air Support
Βeta Moíra Αμύνεσθαι περί πάτρης (Defend the Fatherland) Cessna 172 x1, CASA CN-235 x1, Blackburn Buccaneer x24 120 Portus Felix Riverine, Lake & Maritime Patrol
Iptámeno Panepistímio Moíra 120 Vey University Air Squadron / Aviation Research. Awaiting reorganisation and reequipping.
Gamma Moíra Eurocopter EC135 x1 120 Ad Pontes Transport and Close Air Support
Delta Moíra Learjet 45 x1, Britten-Norman Defender x1 120 Vey Royal Flight & Police Air Support Unit
Epsilon Moíra Mikoyan MiG-29K x25 120 Portus Felix Air Superiority, Close Air Support
2nd Regiment
Squadron Strength Personnel Aerodrome Function / Notes
3rd Regiment
Squadron Strength Personnel Aerodrome Function / Notes

Constancian Navy

The Constancian Navy was primarily a littoral force prior to the Euran War.

During that conflict, it was able to acquire 15 Northman Class Corvettes that were able to significantly improve Constancian defense capabilities on sea.

Treaties with Shireroth and membership of the western alliance provided for a much needed expansion in the Constancian Navy, albeit one that was delayed by the War of Lost Brothers, in the aftermath of which Constancia was able to develop a potent littoral fleet.

Order of Battle

  • Admiralty
    • Constancian Navy
      • 1st Flotilla
      • 9th Flotilla
    • Fisheries & Commerce Protection Fleet
      • Captain-General's Flotilla


Inactive Reserve

Transferred under the Partnership for Prosperity program of Caputia:

  • Storm-class Deep Sea Cruiser: 4
  • New Zimia-class Submersible Destroyer: 2
  • Time-class Submarine: 2
  • Keltia-class LNG Tanker: 1
  • Lucien-class Cargo Vessel: 1
  • Eura-class Merchant Cruiser: 1

Table of Organisation

Captain-General's Flotilla, Fisheries & Commerce Protection Fleet

Co-sponsored by the ESB Group
Name Vessel Type Captain
Jahangir Plan Urga Class Submarine Tender Captain Lewis
Roussen Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Daniolos Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Psara Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Krystallidis Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Grigoropoulos Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Ritsos Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Karathanasis Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Vlahakos Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Laskos Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Blessas Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Mykonios Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Troupakis Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Kavaloudis Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Degiannis Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Xenos Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Simitzopoulos Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Starakis Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Votsis Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Pezopoulos Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Maridakis Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Armatolos Swift Yacht OPV TBC
Navmachos Swift Yacht OPV TBC

1st Flotilla, Constancian Navy

Name Captain Vessel Type
Navarchos Miaoulis Antiploiarchos Georgios Kondylis Northman Class Corvette
Georgios Averof Plotarchis Vasilefs Konstantinos Northman Class Corvette
Lemnos Ypoploiarchos Athanasios Eftaxias Northman Class Corvette
Kilkis Ypoploiarchos Theodoros Pangalos Northman Class Corvette

9th Flotilla, Constancian Navy

Name Captain Vessel Type
Hydra Antiploiarchos Pavlos Kountouriotis Northman Class Corvette
Spetsai Ypoploiarchos Michael Kourtikios Northman Class Corvette
Elli Ypoploiarchos Eumathios Philokales Northman Class Corvette

Stricken List

Name Captain Vessel Type Fate
Roheline Captain Flaxen Modernised Ironclad Sunk in Iteran attack on Convoy 1665-8, Action of 24.XV.1665
Trinidad Captain Nestor Armed Merchantman Sunk in Iteran attack on Convoy 1665-8, Action of 24.XV.1665