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Free Associative Kingdom of Constancia
Flag of Constancia
Coat of Arms of Constancia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Small, Ancient and Noble
Anthem: Royal Majesty
File:Constancia anthem.ogg
Location of Constancia
Map versions 15.7.1 - Present
Capital Vey
Largest city Vey
Official language(s) English, Greek
Official religion(s) {{{religion}}}
Demonym Constancian
 - Adjective Constancian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 - Basileus Petros III
 - Mesazōn Andreas Metaxas
 - Legislature The Synklētos
Establishment August 2015
 - Ranked NA
Area Coming soon
 - Ranked NA
Population 3
11,204,091 simulated
 - Active Coming soon
 - Ranked NA
Currency Coming soon
Abbreviation CON
National website [1]
National forum Forum
National animal Coming soon
National food Coming soon
National drink Coming soon
National tree Coming soon

Constancia, officially the The Free Associative Kingdom of Constancia is a forum-based micronation, claiming land on the continent of Eura, on Micras. The project started in August 2015 and has since developed significantly. Ruled by the Basileus, or Basileusa if a woman, significant power has been delegated to the Mesazōn who heads Constancia's government. The Kingdom has been shaped by various cultures and enjoys historical ties with the British and the Byzantine Empires. After The Return to the origins Act 2016 passed however, the country returned to its ancient origins and once again gave domination to the Byzantipe-typed heritage.


Picture of Basileusa Cleo
Basileusa Cleo is the spouse and consort of Basileus Petros III. As his health started to diminish in early 2016, on the 17th of March 2016 Petros III proclaimed her Autokrateira of Constancia, a position similar to that of a regent. While Petros III remains Sovereign of the Kingdom, Cleo is acting in his name and on his behalf on most occasions.


The Kingdom of Constancia is a constitutional monarchy based on The Constitutional Settlement Act of 1847. The Act outlines the role of the Basileus, His Government, the Synklētos and The High Court of the Realm. The four institutions provide the full constitutional framework of the Kingdom.

The role of the Basileus is not limited to ceremonial responsibilities only. He represents the country, dealing with Constancia's foreign policy, including matters related to the Micras community. Furthermore, the Sovereign participates actively in the process of instituting Acts of the Synklētos - by proposing bills on its floor and by assenting to passed ones via Vasilikí Singatáthesi.

The government is led by the Mesazōn who is usually the leader of the largest party in the Synklētos. The Mesazōn is mainly responsible for the day-to-day administration of the country and holds most of the executive power. Using the royal prerogative, he can became all-powerful for as long as he enjoys the confidence of the Synklētos. The position, however, is not permanent and occasionaly becomes vacant. During such vacancies, the Sovereign summons royal the prerogative back and exercises the executive functions of the Head of Government.

The democratic chamber of the Kingdom of Constancia is the Synklētos. This 60 member body is elected at least every three months by a nation-wide ballot. There are currently six parties in Constancia, all of which win seats in the legislature: Dimokratia Avyi, Kómma ton Syntiritikón Monarchikoí, Fileléfthero Kómma Foní, Ergatikó Kómma tou Sosialismoú, Kómma ton Apoikión and Nivardomski Otechestvenofrontovska. The assembled Synklētos approves all Bills and Resolutions and without its consent no legislative measure can be enforced.

Armed Forces

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