Conservative and Monarchist Party

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Conservative and Monarchist Party
(Conservative and Monarchist Party)
Party Leader N/A
Deputy Leader N/A'
Colour Blue
Headquarters Vey
Political position Right wing
Seats in the Synklētos
0 / 60
Local Government None

History and Policies

The Conservative and Monarchist Party of Constancia was a right-wing political party which contested in elections between 1627 and 1636, being the government party in the periods 1627-1632 and 1632-1636, after which together with all Synklētos represented parties formed the National Unity government during the Euran War. Towards the end of the war, when Strategos Metaxas emerged as the popular military commander who brought victory, the party split into the Dimokratia Avyi, with the Strategos as its leader, and the Kómma ton Syntiritikón Monarchikoí. Despite the fragmentation of the party, the two newborns went on to form the first Constancian coalition government.

Electoral Performance

Year Synklētos Seats ± Vote Share
1627 1st
26 / 60
N/A 43.33%
1632 2nd
24 / 60
-2 40.00%
1633 3rd
32 / 60
+8 53.34%
1636 4th
29 / 60
-3 48.34%