Upper Elwynn

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Upper Elwynnese Republic
Flag of Congress Elwynn
Coat of Arms of Congress Elwynn
Coat of Arms
Motto: Elwynn prevails!
Location of Congress Elwynn
Map versions The Congressional Counties are shown in purple
Capital Eliria
Largest city Fieldburg, Vijayanagara,
Official language(s) Elw, Babkhi, Istvanistani
Official religion(s)
Demonym North Elwynnese
 - Adjective North Elwynnese
Government Autonomous Republic
 - Princess Kamilla Winther
 - Conducător Pedyr Mekaarveq
 - Legislature Congress of the Republic
Establishment 1672 (AN)
Population 38,474,375 (1672 census)
Currency Natopian natopo (₦)
Time zone(s) CMT-8 (except Raikoth, which is CMT-6)
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website
National forum
National animal White Stag, Hangover Owl
National food Desert Berries
National drink Tea
National tree
Abbreviation CCE
Northern Elwynn directs here; see also the Northern Commonwealth

The Upper Elwynnese Republic, until 1685 known as the Congressional Counties of the Elwynnese Republic, also known as the Congressional Counties, Congressional Elwynn, Congress Elwynn, and, sometimes, also Northern Elwynn, or, simply, The North, is the northern autonomous republic of Elwynn. The traditional counties referred to in the name of the autonomous republic are Agnesia, Araxion, Cape Farewell, Eliria, Fieldburg Iserdia, and Leng. The borders between the counties are not determined by law and are largely regional identities with some overlap.

Unlike its neighbours, the Alalehzamini Autonomous Republic and the Northern Commonwealth, the Congressional Counties do not have a flag or symbols of their own, choosing instead to use Elwynn's. As implied by their name, the Congressional Counties are governed by a Congress elected by the people. The Congress functions in a parliamentarian sense, with an executive government answering to the Congress.

Congress Elwynn is considered to be much more liberal than the Alalehzamini Autonomous Republic and the Northern Commonwealth.

Before 1675, the Congressional Counties also encompassed the Northern Commonwealth. Due to the ideological differences between these two parts of Northern Elwynn, the Northern Commonwealth split. Two years later, however, the Northern Commonwealth was returned to the Congressional Counties. But in 1682, Asantelian and Wintergleam were transferred to SCAR, and in 1684, the Amokolian Republic was established, taking the counties of Automatica, Vattnaland and Mishalan with it.