Elwynnese Congress

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The Congress of the Elwynnese Republic is the legislature of the Congressional Counties of the Elwynnese Republic. President, or speaker, of the Congress is Nathaniel Ototoi (EWP). The Congress has 250 seats.

The executive elected by the Congress in 1683 consists of representatives of the Democratic Party of Elwynn and the Elwynnese Workers' Party.

Following the 1683 Elwynnese congress election, five parties are represented in Congress, the make-up of which is as follows:

Party Abbr Seats
Democratic Party of Elwynn DEM 104
Elwynnese Workers' Party EWP 56
Ayreonist Alliance AA 47
Nationalist and Humanist Party N&H 41
Union of Truth and Beauty UTB 2
Total 250