Confederate States of Floria Congress

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The Confederate States of Floria Congress is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of Floria, and consists of two chambers: The House of Representatives and the Florian Senate. The congress in the Confederate States of Floria Capitol in Northcliff, Kingsland. Both members of both chambers are elected by direct vote. Congress has 370 voting members:300 representatives and 70 senators. Florian Eura and Etourney have one member each but they are ineligible to vote, they are however still permitted to address the house, sit and vote in congressional committees, and introduce legislation.

The members of the House of Representatives serve one-year terms representing the people of a single constituency, known as a "district". "Districts" are determined by population using up to date census results and each state must have at least one representative. Regardless of population size each state in the mainland has 17 senators whilst Etourney and Florian Eura have one each. In total there are 70 senators representing each state/region of the country.

The Congress was created after the constitutional change in early 1680 replacing the former parliamentary system which had existed since the formation of the country. Congress members are typically affiliated with three major parties, the UNPR, Labour party and Imperial Democratic Party of Floria.