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Commission for the Integration of Amokolia

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The Commission for the Integration of Amokolia (CIA) was established by an Elwynnese instrument of government on 13.VI.1685, at the onset of the Amokolian Revolution, with a purview to oversee the administrative, diplomatic, military, and political aspects of the reunification of Amokolia under Elwynnese sovereignty. The Commission, headed by the Premier of East Amokolia received the mandate to hold the necessary negotiations for the transfer, including for the drafting of a bilateral treaty between West Amokolia and Elwynn on the matter. A small secretariat for the commission was established in the city of Malexander and delegations invited to convene for preliminary meetings there.

From 16.X.1685 the Commission assumed responsibility for the governance of West Amokolia, dismissing the unrecognised sovereign, Kir Vidar, and declaring the Parliament of West Amokolia to be an unlawful institution.

Office Office Holder Party
President of the Commission Benjamin Sluyjs APP
Commissioner of Political Integration Isabella Merrick N&H
Commissioner of Judicial Integratiom Payam Abbasi N&H
Commissioner of Industrial & Economic Integration Jael Jemima Truls N&H
High Representative of West Amokolia Jeremiah Skarro EUP
High Representative of Mishalacia Svobodan Milošev MNM
High Representative of the Raspur Pact Simo Úlfheðinn n/a
15th Army (Benacia Command)