Colonial Executive

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Colonial Executive
Type Private Limited Company
Industry Private Military Company
Founded 2008
Headquarters Newcastle-Upon-Eastmoor, Nova England
Products Private Military Company

Colonial Executive was established in 2008 by Duke Sebastianus I to provide professional military services to the private sector. The company formed the main bulk of Nova English forces during the brief colonial expedition to Giess via the Hurmu gate. In addition to providing security for numerous Nova English firms and contracts to eliminate terrorist camps located within the unclaimed badlands. Following the Evacuations and the Great Disaster the firm wound down all operations, however in April 2017 the firm partnered with the Nova English Trading Company to gain access into the newly establish USSO Common Market.

Operatives of Colonial Executive, are mostly former members of the Nova English Armed Forces and as such carry over their previous skills. However to ensure that professional standards are always maintained, Colonial Executive requires all recruits to undergo training on entry to the company in addition to ongoing refresher courses.

Current Services

  • Close Protection
  • Military Training Services
  • Installation Security
  • Operational Support Services
  • Anti-Piracy Operations
  • Intervention
  • Intelligence Support