Coat of arms of Natopia

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The Coat of Arms of Natopia, officially known as the Heraldic Achievement of Natopia, are used to represent the state and government of Natopia. The Coat of Arms of Natopia resembles the primary version of the Flag of Natopia rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise and, when possible, the Coat of Arms of the House of the reigning Emperor are displayed as an escutcheon of pretense. Atop the escutcheon, a Sovereign's helm adorned with the Imperial Crown of Natopia, itself topped with the personal Crest of the reigning Emperor when possible. Encircling the escutcheon is the collar of the Order of the Black Hole. Supporting it are two goats rampant, standing on a pedestal above a scroll depicting the National Motto.

Crests of Recent Emperors

  • Emperor Nathaniel: A goat's head. A traditional Natopian symbol for the first Emperor of the modern Natopian era.
  • Emperor Naian: A griffin. The traditional symbol of Hazelwood (now adopted as a symbol of greater Flaventia), Naian's homeland.
  • Empress Asara: A turtle. The traditional symbol of Tas Neemia, Asara's homeland.
  • Emperor Zakyyr: A mermaid. A traditional symbol of Klaasiya, Zakyyr's homeland.
  • Emperor Nathan II: A cow. A symbol of love and compassion in the Bovic faith.