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The official symbols of the Elwynnese Republic are the flag of the Republic and the seal of the Republic. Historically, other flags and heraldic emblems have been used.

Flag of the Elwynnese Republic

Elwynn Flag II.png

The flag of the Elwynnese Republic is a banner of deep blue. Two parallel white stripes follow the length of the flag. The outline white orchid is charged in the middle of the flag.

The orchid represents the Goddess Elwynn. The two stripes along the length are the two Elwynn rivers that make up the Elwynnese Urheimat. The colours of the flag, white and blue, come from the names of the two rivers Elwynn, the White Elwynn and the Blue Elwynn.

The flag was adopted in 1672 upon Elwynnese independence. The symbology of the Elwynnese national flag, whatever its form, has been the same since the first flag's adoption in 1460s.

Former flags

ElwynnWikiFlag.png c1460–1651 The original Orchid flag, tainted during the Vanic era after which the use of this flag became too uncomfortable. This flag flew over Elwynn as an Shirerithian duchy, barony and county, as the first Elwynnese independent state (including the EAH Union), at the same time as it flew over Shireroth's East Elwynn duchy, thereafter for the imperial state of Elwynn including the royal Vanic government.
ElwynnFlag1.png 1651–1672 This flag, adopted immediately after the Auspicious Occasion, came to be too associated with the many Elwynnese civil wars, was discontinued upon Elwynnese independence

Seal of the Elwynnese Union

Former heraldic emblems