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Coat of arms of Calbion

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Coat of arms of Calbion
Adopted 1641
Escutcheon A field gold, featuring a dragon rampant sinister in sable
Motto Cyfiawnder a Chryfder

The coat of arms of Calbion is one of the oldest known symbols of the Calbain people and traces its origins back to the 14th century. The current shield was adopted as the national coat of arms of Calbion in 1641, when it replaced an earlier version. The arms feature the Black Dragon, a mythical creature of Calbain lore that has come to represent both the Calbain nation and its people as a national symbol.


The coat of arms is an undivided shield of gold, which features the Black Dragon in black. The colour gold is one of the three "Calbain colours", the others of which are blue and black. The golden colour represents prosperity. Under several Princes, a crown was added to the shield, but this was later removed. In addition, an earlier version of the coat of arms featured the blue saltire also found on the Calbain flag. However, after historians found that this saltire was not historically featured, it was removed from the blazon.


The coat of arms are used by all institutions of the Calbain government, inluding the armed forces.

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