Coast Derby (Kingdom of Coria)

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Coast Derby
Обалски дерби
Obalski derbi
PZG Logo.png MAV Logo.png
Logos of both teams
Other names Corian Derby
Location(s) Grendbej and Averna, Coria, Krasnocoria
Teams Plava Zvezda Grendbej & Mornari Averna
First meeting Mornari Averna 1–2 Plava Zvezda Grendbej
(11 September 2016)
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The Coast derby, also called the Corian Derby, is the derby in Coria, between rivals Plava Zvezda Grendbej and Mornari Averna, two of the biggest and most popular sports societies in Coria. The rivalry is present in a number of different sports but the most intense matches are between football, basketball and handball sections of both multi-sport clubs. It started immediately after the creation of the two clubs in 2016 and the two clubs have been dominant in domestic football since then. It is considered one of the best derbies on Micras.