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Coalition for Federal Progress

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Coalition for Federal Progress
Wechua name Federwpaq Huñu
Alexandrian name Coalition pour le Progrès Fédéral
Martino name Coalición para el Progreso Federal
Babkhi name ائتلاف برای پیشرفت فدرال
Abbreviation CFP
Leader Alejandro Campos
Secretary-General Julia Noir
Vice Chairwoman Vivienne Géroux
Deputy Leader Henry Poincare
Finance Chairman Rawa Vilca
Founded 1685 AN
Youth wing Progressive Youth
Political position Center to center-left
Official colours      Sky Blue      Gold      Red
Federal Constituent Assembly
393 / 685

Coalition for Federal Progress (frequently abbreviated CFP, or FH, from the party's Wechua name Federwpaq Huñu) is an Aldricist center-left, social liberal, and cosmopolitan political party in Alduria-Wechua. It currently holds a majority in the Federal Constituent Assembly and leads the government.

The party was founded in 1675 AN by the electoral alliance of several Aldurian and Wechua political parties that were strongly in favor with the creation of the Federation. The alliance is composed of the Democratic Socialist Party and 20 independents from Alduria and the Social Democrat Club, the Alexandrian & Caputian Party, and the National & Humanist Club in the Wechua Nation. Presented as a strongly pro-Raspur Pact and federalist, the party is generally considered to be a progressive movement, uniting both the left and the right. The CFP accepts globalization and wants to "modernize and moralize" Alduro-Wechua politics.