Bovic mormons and Natopian hegemony

Co-Monarchs of Drak-Modan

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King & King of Drak-Modan
DM Coat of Arms.png
Coat of Arms of Drak-Modan
John Hilding.png|Loki Drakspunk.png
John Hilding Waffel-Paine since 1685 (19 years)
Loki Drakspunk since 1691 (13 years)
Style Their Bovic Majesties
(within Drak-Modan)
Their Majesties
(in international correspondence)
Residence Royal Palace
(Drakorda, Drak-Modan)
Appointer By succession
Term Lifetime
Inaugural holder Nathan II
Formation 1671 (33 years ago)

The Co-Monarchs of Drak-Modan are co-rulers and joint heads of state of the Bovic Draconian State in Modan. They are both co-monarchs and each jointly rule in their own right. Each monarch appoints the heir to their own crown, and there could be situations of a King & King and Queen & Queen rulings jointly as well. A distinct line of succession exists for each crown and the monarchs are not required to be married to each other. The term crown is used to refer to the physical crown, as a metonym for the authority wielded by the crown's legal possessor. The Co-Monarchs are both responsible for foreign affairs and defense policy under the Split-Executive system of government.

The Crowns

The Crown of Malarboria is the original crown used by Kizzy Drakland when she ruled Malarboria. It is red velvet with sapphires in the coronet. It was also used by Nathan II in the Shirerithian duchy of Modan & Malarboria. It was used as the Royal Crown during the early years of Drak-Modani independence. After the Drak-Modani Abdication Crisis the crown's ownership reverted to the republic, and was given to a museum. When the monarchy was restored under the current tetrarchy, Andrea Drakland was selected to become co-monarch and she was coronated using her mother's crown. When Andrea abdicated in 1691, she selected Loki Drakspunk to inherit the Crown of Malarboria.

The Crown of Draconia was created after the people of Nel Modan voted to appoint John Hilding Waffel-Paine to become king of the Draconians while mainland Drak-Modan was under republican rule. It is dark black velvet with onyx gemstones. He has kept possession of this crown and the authority attached to it after restoration of the monarchy under the tetrachic system.

John and Andrea

The King and Queen are unmarried and not in a relationship and there is little indication that they will ever enter into one as Queen Andrea spends most of her time in Goetia where she governs a council of demons and she is 31 while John is only 15. John and Andrea ruled jointly for six years, and were instrumental in implementing Draconian supremacy policies, fostering a political environment to create a dominant political party to carry out their goals, and consolidating power among the Drak-Modani tetrarchs: the Co-Monarchs and Co-Chancellors.

Abdication of Andrea Drakland

In 1691, Andrea Drakland declared her intention to abdicate her seat on the Drak-Modani thrones. She immediately indicated that Loki Drakspunk, the spouse of her co-monarch, would inherit her throne. She intended to leave Drak-Modan, for which she never really developed an affinity. She felt her brief reign was overshadowed by her co-monarch's campaign to restore the Line of Drak and promote Draconian supremacy. She never explicitly denounced these campaigns and her decision to appoint Loki as her successor all but guarantees homoocratic rule over Drak-Modan for as long as the House of Drak & Waffel-Paine remain on the thrones. She will return to Goetia where her demonic parentage is celebrated, not tolerated.

John and Loki

On 13.III.1691, a coronation ceremony was held in the Ducal Palace in Modan Hamlet. Modan Hamlet was chosen as the site for all future heirs of the Crown of Malarboria as it was ancient ducal capital in the Shirerithian era. As Royal Consort, Loki was a vocal proponent of his husband's Draconian supremacy agenda. Although the term Draconian can refer to one's ethnicity by birth, by adoption, or by self-declaration, Loki is a pure-blooded ethnic-born Draconian whose family has lived in Dracoheim for generations. As king he is expected to expand the Draconian agenda now that he has joint control over Drak-Modani foreign policy.