Co-Chancellors of Drak-Modan

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Grand Chancellor of Drak-Modan
Bovic Drak-Modan Seal.png
Coat of arms of Drak-Modan
Davit Teimuraz
since 1676
Style Excellency
Residence Drakorda
Appointer Elected by The Fury
Term Life, removable
Inaugural holder Kamil Gavrilov
Formation 1671

The Grand Chancellor of Drak-Modan is the head of government of the Supreme Bovic Republic of Drak-Modan. The position hold immense power by commanding the majority of The Fury to enact legislation and by issuing Decrees as needed. The near-absolute power of the Grand Chancellor is held in check by the Supreme Judge of All Laws and Rights.

This system of near-tyranny with one severe check to it is the central tenant of lindstromism. Drak-Modan is the only pure lindstromist government on Micras.