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Clements Province

Proziu Klemențes (gr)
Flag of Clements
Coat of Arms of Clements
Coat of Arms
Location of Clements
Established 8 July 2012
Capital Klämen
Largest cities Klämen, Klavat, Sakal, Surnat
Demonym Clementian
Governor Frans Gavan (IPG)
Area 33,690 km²
 - Ranked 8th
Population 1,456,151 (2017)
 - Ranked 2th
Density 43.22/km²
Abbreviation CL

Clements (Gerenian: Klements) is a province located in the north central region of Gerenia. Clements is the sixth most extensive but the second most populous of the eight provinces of Gerenia. Its residents are known as Clementians or, informally "Clemmies", and its capital and largest city is Klämen.

Clements relies on an economic base of agriculture, as several industries have recently began to settle near Klämen, the province's economic anchor, where about 75% of the population resides.


The entire province lies on the Ark Plain, where river Maiŷnat has its source. There are also a few small lakes near the western border. Maremedres bounds Clements on the north, Barzat on the east, and Sängeran and West on the south.


Clements province was created in July 2012, upon colonization of Northern Apollonia by the Gerenian people, and was composed of the lands that the government gave to the Clements Clan (hence the province's name). The capital city since its foundation was Clementsgrad (now Klämen), which held both the statuses of provincial and national capital until 2013, when the Gerenian Capital Territory was created, and Nevaya became national capital.

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