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Cisamarra provincial election, 1679

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Cisamarra provincial election, 1679
12.X.1679 1684 →

All 235 seats of the Consiljo Provincjale di Cisamarra
118 seats needed for a majority

  First party Second party
Leader Gjanluigi Vinfetto
Party Partito Popolare Cisamarrese Sanaman National Party United Nationalist Alliance
Seats won 143 36 25
Percentage 60.20% 15.09% 10.42%
  Fourth party Fifth party
Party Sanaman Liberation Front Coalition 1660
Seats won 21 10
Percentage 8.73% 4.08%

Presidente della Provincja before election

Position established

Elected Presidente della Provincja

Gjanluigi Vinfetto
Partito Popolare Cisamarrese

The Cisamarra provincial election in 1679 was the first election to the newly established government after the restoration of democracy. In a result that surprised no one, the Partito Popolare Cisamarrese, the dominant force in the region since independence, secured a majority of seats in the Consiljo Provincjale di Cisamarra. The party finished just short of the two-thirds majority mark that would allow them to amend the provincial constitution at will. Provincial party leader and Acquecalde strongman Gjanluigi Vinfetto secured his first term as provincial president.

Senate seat distribution

Following the election, the legislature selected senators as follows:

Party Senators
Partito Popolare Cisamarrese 9