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Media of Kasterburg

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A Kasterburger family watching "Jodocus van Haltna" at home on their own television set

The media of Kasterburg provides information and entertainment for the Kasterburg Republic through the thinly-veiled filter of the National Society for Propaganda, the media division of the Kasterburger government. Under its umbrella fall a diverse range of platforms, such as newspapers, radio, television and film.


The Kasterburger Klaroen is the most widely circulated newspaper in the Republic. It is state-owned and as such considered to be the voice of the government. Other newpapers of importance are Die Porolische Gazett, De Heraut and Kasterburger Landesblatt. Although Kasterburg is an autocracy, the press is relatively free and undisturbed by government influence.

Radio and Television


Kasterburg is home to a surprisingly artistic and innovative cinematic scene. Following the renewed interest in movies on Micras during the late 1650s, Kasterburger movies became one of the country's most prized export products. Biggest production company is Lost Mind Productions, which is well known for its low-budget horror films, which are by far the most popular movies in the Republic. Some of the most internationally well-received actors and directors come from Kasterburg.

Although popular, Kasterburger movies are often the subject of controversy due to its portrayal of ethnic stereotypes, violence and thinly veiled propaganda. Some movies have not received positive international reviews, due to its content. An example is the film The Battle for Litkov, a dramatized version of the settlement of Porolia, in which native inhabitants are depicted as backwards and cruel.

Film Studios

  • Lost Mind Productions
  • Nationale Maatschappij voor Propaganda

Important People

  • Peter Backson, director
  • Rath Basilbone, actor
  • Marcus Brühl, director
  • Zelda Maria Copernicus, actress
  • Victoria Estbank, actress
  • Rudi Gout, actor
  • Greta Orlando, actress

Notable Films