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Cibola Command

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Cibola Command
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Active: 1661–the present
In use by: Natopian Defense Force
Allegiance: Natopia / SANE

Type: Command
Size: 61,200

Current Commander:
Conflicts & Deployments

A theatre command established within the SANE alliance of Constancia, Natopia, and Shireroth on the home continent of the alliance's former member, Alexandria, in the aftermath of that empire's downfall as a consequence of a virulent global pandemic. The Command mostly concerns itself with the defence and security of the Two Martyrs (formerly Walstadt) and any allied units transiting the theatre of operations.


Order of Battle

  • Cibola Command
    • General Staff
      • Information Technology Directorate
      • Logistics Directorate
      • Manpower Directorate
      • Planning Directorate
      • Operations Directorate
      • Military Intelligence Directorate
    • Southern Banner Group