Chrysostom Wythe

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Chrysostom Wythe

Full Name: Chrysostom Wythe
Alias Lord Woodshire


Physical Description

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Goldshiran
Hair Color and Style: white
Eye Color: blue
Skin Color: white

Biographical Information

Father: Prince Alexander of Shireroth
Mother: Lady Kaja Grengaezj-Swar
Date of Birth: 1607 AN (aged 81 years)
Place of Birth: Harèd Wythe Estate, Goldshire Hamlet
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Residence(s): Steward's Tower, Raynor's Keep, Shirekeep
Nationality: Shirithian
Allegiance(s): The Golden Mango Throne
Occupation: Steward

Chrysostom Wythe, Count of Woodshire, Viscount Holly-Wythe, born in Goldshire Hamlet Goldshire (now Ransenar), 1607, is a Shirerithian nobleman and statesman. Steward (head of the executive) of Shireroth since 1680. Regent of Shireroth during the illness of the Kaiseress, 1682–1683.

A grandchild of Kaiser Wythe (reigning 1589–1591), Lord Chrysostom Wythe, as he was then known, grew up in a lush estate outside Goldshire Hamlet. Studied law at Metzler University 1616–1625, graduating with a doctorate, after which he joined the Shirerithian Ministry of the Exterior as a lawyer in international law. Headed the international law division until his retirement in 1660, whereupon he joined politics in the Imperial Democratic Party, elected to the Adelsraad in the same year. Appointed Commissioner of Representation (deputy Minister of the Exterior) in Shireroth later the same year. Promoted to Imperial Minister of the Exterior in 1672. Appointed to the peerage as Viscount Holly-Wythe and to the Landsraad in 1674. Appointed Steward in 1680. In 1682, due to a period of prolonged sickness, Salome directed the IAC to appoint him as Regent.


His father, Prince Alexander, is the second child in a group of triplets born to Abigail Margaret Smith and Johnathan Nelson Wythe II (reigned as Kaiser Wythe 1589–1591). Alexander's elder sibling was his brother Prince Montgomery and his younger sibling was Princess Charlotte of Shireroth.

Prince Alexander married Lady Kaja Grengaezj-Swar. They had two children, Chrysostom and Alexandra Désirée. Both Alexander and Kaja died in the Oustfest Massacre of 1644.

Chrysostom married Violet Claire Northhampton (born 1609) in 1630. Their descendants are:

  • Caspar Chrysostom Wythe (born 1633; died 1671 during the Kalirion Fracture), married Lady Celeste Adeur (b. 1639) in 1659
    • Lord Cassian Caspar Chryostom Wythe (b. 1660)
    • Lady Elizabeth Celeste Wythe (born 1662) married Alexandrian Monsieur Patrice de Coster (b. 1653)
      • Lady Mélanie Claire de Coster (born 1682)
      • Lady Jeanne Isabelle de Coster (born 1682)
      • Lady Celestine Élisabeth de Coster (born 1684)
  • Lord Jeremiah Benjamin Wythe (born 1635) married Lady Emelie Brightwell (b. 1640)
    • Patrick Montgomery Wythe (born 1664)
    • Carola Amanda Wythe (born 1667)

The Viscount and Viscountess Holly-Wythe reside in Shirekeep. In their household, Prince Montgomery, Chrysostom's uncle, also lives.

Political offices

Legislative offices

  • 1660–1674: Member of the Adelsraad
  • 1674–present: Member of the Landsraad

Executive offices

  • 1660–1671: Commissioner of Representation, Ministry of the Exterior
  • 1671–1672: Ambassador to Alduria
  • 1672–1680: Imperial Minister of the Exterior
  • 1682–1683: Regent of the Imperial Republic
  • 1680–present: Steward of the Imperial Republic

Styles and titles

  • 1607–1660: Lord Chrysostom Wythe
  • 1660–1671: The Honourable Lord Chrysostom Wythe
  • 1671–1672: His Excellency The Honourable Lord Chrysostom Wythe
  • 1672–1674: His Excellency The Right Honourable Lord Chysostom Wythe
  • 1674–present: His Excellency The Right Honourable The Viscount Holly-Wythe