Chiang Shun

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Chiang Shun

Full Name: Chiang Shun

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Physical Description

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Jingdaoese
Hair Color and Style:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:

Biographical Information

Date of Birth: 6436 ASC
Place of Birth: Daocheng, Zhijin Province
Date of Death: 6570 ASC
Place of Death: Daocheng, Zhijin Province
Residence(s): Zhongji Province
Nationality: Jingdaoese
Allegiance(s): Tegong
Occupation: Shaojiang (second general rank)

Chiang Shun was the son of Jung Shun. He rose to the highest ranks of the Tegong during the reign of the Mingshi Emperor and voluntarily retired from active duty in the Tegong when he began leading the Kuominliantang and ran for the office of Diwang in the first Diwang elections. In 6570 ASC he was burnt alive in his party headquarters.


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