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Republic of Charlotta
Republiek van Charlotta
Official language Dutch, Esperanto
Capital Iñigo
Largest cities Iker, Gorospe, Haimar-al-lago, Marxgrad
Website defunct
Forum Charlotta (defunct)
Number of citizens 11
Number of active citizens 0 (Nation inactive, Red Antilles and Mayo former Charlottan territories)
Date founded June 23, 2004
Government Socialist Republic
Current leader Aangebrande Phönix
Currency CC
National animal /
National fruit/food /
National drink /
Map versions 6.7.3 - 9.0

The Republic of Charlotta was founded as a micronation on June 23, 2004 by Charly. It's particularly famous for the communist coup d'état (or revolution) which resulted in a cold war in the Dutch Sector (and led to the creation of an independent Mayo).

Charlotta's second flag, adopted after its Communist Revolution

It died as member state of the Low Land Confederation in December 2005. It was unsuccessfully refounded on June 11, 2007.