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Chancellor of Sanama

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Chancellor of Sanama
Sanama Coat of Arms.png
Coat of arms of Sanama
Tanilo Lhayi
since 1.XII.1679
Style Right Honourable
Appointer President of Sanama
Term Three years
Inaugural holder Tanilo Lhayi
Formation 1679

The Chancellor of Sanama is the head of government of Sanama and chairs the Council of State. The Chancellor is the second highest official in the executive branch of government after the President. The Chancellor is appointed by the President and must enjoy the confidence of both the Llusan and the President. The Llusan can dismiss the Chancellor through a vote of no confidence, and the President can in certain circumstances remove the Chancellor of their own accord. The position was created in 1679 under the new federal constitution. The inaugural holder of the office is Tanilo Lhayi.