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Championnat d'Empire

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Championnat d'Empire
Countries Alexandria Alexandria
Confederation CTFA
Founded 2013
First season 2013–14
Number of teams 8
Levels on pyramid 2
Promotion to Alexandrian Super 12
Domestic cup(s) French: Coupe d'Alexandrie
Spanish: Copa Alexandria
League cup(s) Trophée de Sébastien Focán

The Championnat d'Empire was the secondary football competition in Alexandria, run by the ASA. It replaced the Alexandrian Ligue 2 as the nation's second tier.

The league involved eight teams, made up of four clubs from two different sectors, the Secteur Français and the Sector Españoles. The teams played every team in the league home and away, with one extra round of matches against the teams in their sector taking place halfway through the season and another at the end of the season, for a total of 20 games.


At the end of the season, the league champion entered a playoff against the lowest placed Super 12 club from their sector. The winner of this match qualified for the next Super 12 season, and won the Trophée de Sébastien Focán.


Year Playoff winner Score Playoff loser Runner-up Third place
  • Teams marked in bold qualified for the play-off via the Championnat.

2013–14 Teams

Secteur Français

Sector Españoles