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Central Sanilla

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Western SanillaCentral SanillaCisamarra
Rrumëqe Sanilla Senterale
Province of Central Sanilla

Centralsanilla flag.png

Centralsanilla overview.png

Capital Kawite City
Largest cities Pakuwi, Hala City, Qerunor, Timpure

  • Total
9,763,172 (1680)
  • Density
61.32 per km2
  • Rank
6 of 9
Area 159,212 km2
  • Rank
6 of 9

  • Executive
Executive Council (11)
  • Legislative
Legislative Council (215)

Federal representation
9 senators
66 MLs

  • Official
  • Other
Istvanistani, Yardistani
Local religion Somanes, Cedrism, others, irreligious
Provincial code CSA

The Province of Central Sanilla is a province in southern Sanama. The province has a population of almost nine million people and an area of 159,000 km2, making it the sixth most populated and sixth largest province. The province was formed in 1679 with the passage of the new federal constitution and is largely coterminous with the previous Central Sanilla region. The western and southern parts of the province are dominated by agriculture, mostly ricefields, banana and coconut plantations, as well as grazing lands. The Santa Clara islands to the south belong to the province and are a growing tourist destination as well as a large supplier of sugar cane, corn and pineapple. The province is bordered to the west by Western Sanilla and Niyi, to the north by Eastern Amarra and the Federal Capital Territory, to the northeast by Thanatos, to the east by Eastern Sanilla, and to the south by the Gulf of Khaz. The capital Kawite City is located in the eastern part of the province and is a major port for import and export of foodstuffs.