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All Royal Decrees made by His Royal Majesty, King August Charles II, in His Regnal Year 15 (Calendar Year 2004) are indexed below. Click on the title of the Decree to access its full text.

Advisory: Lost Records

The text associated with each of the following Royal Decrees from this year was lost in the Ezboard Data Loss Incident and is unrecoverable.

Date Subject
2004-05-20 HRM Ciaron the First of Breuddwyd
2004-05-24 Emperor of the Atterans
2004-06-08 King Dilerr of Arminy
2004-07-09 Chamber of Deputies
2004-07-29 Sir Michael Square-Makonnen
2004-07-30 President T. Kelly of Talamthom
2004-09-01 Robert Davis to Order of the Eagle
2004-09-04 Charter of Incorporation - KCII School
2004-09-15 Sir Robert Davis to High Court
2004-09-20 Inductees to Royal Order of Merit
2004-09-25 Lord Constable of the Royal Household
2004-10-08 Recognition of Empire of Ascalon
2004-10-29 HIM Harald Thorstein of Stormark
2004-10-29 Comrade Wheelchairman of Velsen