Cassian Wythe

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Cassian Wythe
Cassian Holly-Wythe.png
Full name Cassian Caspar Chrysostom Wythe
AKA Cassian Holly-Wythe, C. C. C. Wythe
Physical information
Species Human
Race Goldshiran
Gender Male
Hair color and style dark brown
Eye color blue
Skin color white
Biographical information
Father Caspian Wythe (1633–1671)
Mother Celeste Adeur (born 1639)
Date of birth 1660 AN
Place of birth Wendor
Residence(s) Shirekeep
Nationality Shirerithian
Allegiance(s) Golden Mango Throne
Occupation Judge

Lord Cassian Caspar Chrysostom Wythe, Viscount of Solaris, sometimes known as Cassian Holly-Wythe (after his grandfather's viscounty), and sometimes as C. C. C. Wythe (as author of books), born in Wendor in 1660, is a Shirerithian nobleman and judge. Grandson of Chrysostom Wythe, great-great grandson of Kaiser Wythe, and great-great-great-great grandson of Johnathan Nelson Wythe, the progenitor of the Wythe family in Shireroth.

Graduated from Metzler University in 1680 with a Master of Legal Letters, he clerked at the Imperial Judex in 1681, was appointed judge in the court of administrative justice in Woodshire Village in 1682, became chief justice of Woodshire Village Judex in 1683, and named judge in the Joint Tribunal on Crimes in and for the Lower Elwynn in 1684.

Author of several books on Shirerithian administrative law, Principles of Administrative Justice (1678, written during his studies, became course litterature by his final year, he had to sit an exam based on this book, where he scored 93%), Administrative Justice for Criminal Litigators (1680, written as a response to the behaviour of criminal litigators in administrative court and how that simply doesn't work), Why Administrative Justice is Fun (1681, a children's book; to his dismay not a bestseller), and Is there room for human rights in administrative justice? (1683, in which he argued "yes" to the controversial question in Shirerithian legal theory).

In 1688, raised to the peerage as Viscount of Solaris and took his seat in the Landsraad.

He married Lady Amalþuïnta Æmman on 13.I.1692, and she gave birth to a son exactly one year later, a son whom Cassian named Caspian Cassander.